No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Service to others is an amazing gift.  Do you have a group at church at that is interested in making a difference? Are your co-workers looking for ways to give back to others? If so, you might be interested in volunteering to help serve meals as a new team member, serve on a committee, share your gift of time with others, and along the way simply make a difference. If so, you should contact board member Darcy Zeleske.

Coordinator's Manual:

This document provides information respective to the roles and responsibilities for Coordinators of the Loaves and Fishes community program. It outlines what to expect, provides checklists and other guidelines recommended for success.

Team Bulletin


Church of Peace reminders for serving:

What's the earliest time I can arrive?

The church is open for business till 3:30pm.  That means the earliest you can arrive is at 3:30.  That is when the secretary leaves for the day and Loaves & Fishes can use the facility. 

Can I bring food in earlier and drop it off?

No - The Church of Peace is open only for church business before 3:30pm.  That means groups can not deliver or have any food dropped off before 3:30pm.  The church has acitivities and services they use the kitchen for and we do not want to disrupt there events.  If you need to dropped food off before 3:30pm we suggest you contact another person in your group and arrange a time to drop it off by them.  I'm sure another member in your group will help you out and bring your items for you.  That way we won't disrupt the daily business of the church


Hello Coordinators:

The meals served are availble on the "Calendar" tab of the website. At the end of each week, I will update the "meals served" under the group on the "Calendar" tab. It will list the total meals served, and if you click on the link, will give you the number of take outs and sit downs. This will enable your groups see the numbers as we move through 2019. I hope this will be more convenient for your planning purposes, as you can see trends for each of the months as we move through the year. I would appreciate a call or a text on the night that you serve so I can keep it up-to-date as soon as possible.  My phone number is located on the Loaves and Fishes refrigerator.  Please contact me with any questions.